James Jackson, Director Of Out Of The Box Marketing

James Jackson – Managing Director

James is a unique mix of “real world business analyst” and “technical wizard” – and he actually enjoys solving complex business problems.

After starting his first business as a fresh-faced teen, he has since owned, run and been involved in over thirty-five successful businesses in the marketing and online space.

His has personally employed more than 30 full time staff and works with some of Australia’s leading brands advising them on web strategy.

In recent years James’ passion for marketing has lead him to become one of Australia’s leading experts in direct and online marketing for SMEs, and to host “The Lead Generation Show” podcast.

James enjoys and specialises in offering clients the most up-to-date, powerful and effective business marketing strategies available.

Over the years James has hired several talented, forward thinking marketing experts to ensure that our clients’ businesses are using the latest strategies, and are not using any of the antiquated some strategies marketing companies still advise today.

When he’s not removing technical headaches and growing businesses you can find him spear fishing on the bay or whipping up a mean beef brisket.

James says:

‘Marketing your business should not be risky. Marketing techniques have evolved over decades and the technology is now in place to accurately track the success of every campaign to the cent. Also, with so many new marketing opportunities arising online there should be absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve amazing results for your business.’


Jeremy Baker – Head Of Marketing Strategy & Research

Jeremy is a “circus-school dropout” turned “copywriting-marketing-nerd”.

After a number of years travelling the world with a children’s circus (that’s a whole story in itself), Jeremy graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Business Management and went straight into the world of Enterprise software sales.

It was during this period of cold calling blue chip companies that two things dawned on him:

1) He was not a “natural” salesman


2) There HAD to be an easier way to connect buyers with sellers than ”knocking on doors”.

He was right on both fronts. And this simple realisation gave birth to a six-year (and counting…) obsession with inbound marketing.

He poured through hundreds of books, earned a Masters of Marketing from RMIT and nearly sent himself broke buying the latest courses from the marketing “big boys” (the guys who do $1 million+ in single-day product launches and write ads responsible for kingdoms of wealth).

When he emerged from his education cave he discovered something astonishing:

He hadn’t just “caught up” to most other marketing professionals, he’d actually raced past them in their ability to create campaigns that actually sell.

Since then, Jeremy has worked in over fifteen industries to generate ROIs as high as 2600% and sharpened his teeth managing the marketing departments for successful start-ups where every dollar counts and there’s zero room for marketing “fluff”.

When he’s not crafting money-sucking marketing schemes or writing copy that sells, you can find him in the outdoors – kitesurfing (badly), surfing (small waves), running (slowly) or cycling (with hairy legs). In this domain he’s a jack-of-all-trades but unarguably a master of none!

Jeremy Says:

“Without a deep understanding your customer’s fears, pains and desires, the likelihood of creating a winning marketing campaign is similar to harpooning a tadpole… from a boat… blind folded!

The good news is, with the rise of marketing technology, you can now “get in bed” with your customer very quickly and very easily. If you know what you’re doing, there’s virtually zero guesswork”