Integration Partner Program


Get Your Customers Integrated Faster, Reduce The Amount Of Support You
Need To Deliver AND Keep Your Customers For Longer

If a constant barrage of support and customisation requests is distracting you from your core business – then we are here to help!

“Advertising, once a gamble, has thus become, under
able direction, one of the safest business ventures”.

Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising

Dear Software Owner,

If your business is anything like those we have worked with in the past – your inbox is probably constantly full of integration help emails, and customisation requests.

They constantly build up – and the more customers you get, the more there are!

You want to be able to help everyone, but you ALSO want to be able to focus on developing out your core product.

Well – don’t worry, that is where we come in.

Make us your trusted API development and integration partner for happier, longer lasting customers – and less email support.

How it works is really quite simple:

We set ourselves up with code samples and an integration library with your software

This means that we can integrate your software with any of the tools your client requests at the drop of a hat.

You refer to us for your integration cases and software customisations

We will handle all of the analysis, quoting and customisation to get your software working seamlessly in the client’s business environment.

We deliver kick-ass service and fast work for your customers

Your customers will get the full use of your software, and love the support they receive.

Your customers and integrated FASTER and stay for longer

Because your customers are integrated faster, they are happier and stay with your for longer.

The result? You have an empty inbox and can focus on developing out your awesome software product, rather than sucking up your developer and support teams precious resources.

Now, if you are referring to us your customers, I can appreciate that you are going to want to know a little bit about what we are capable of, and the sort of work we have done in the past.

We could brag – but we think it is best when our customers do it for us – so check out our sidebar full of logos and testimonials from clients and software companies.

From a technical perspective we have capabilities in Javascript, PHP, ruby, .NET, jQuery and many more.

Plus, we have worked in various coding environments and with every type of framework and CMS you can think of. These CMS include: WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, BigCommerce, Neto.

So, are you ready to discuss handing over all of your technical integration and customisation work? Just click the button below and let’s have a chat.

After we have had a discussion, we will analyse your software, your API and the sorts of customisation work that we can do and work together to make your life easier and more profitable.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Best Regards,

James Jackson
Head Technical Analyst

PS. What are you waiting for mate? Submit our form and let’s have a chat.

What Our Clients Say:

“The team at out of the box took our leads from 14 a month to 200 a month in just 6 weeks. They’re fantastic leads too – these people are so keen to speak to us they often call us before we get a chance to call them.”
– Christine, Marketing Manager,  Spec Air,  Melbourne

“Within 14 days Out Of the Box had generated us 10 of the best and most qualified property investor leads we’ve had – with 4 to 5 times the conversion rate of our other lead sources. We have just scaled up and getting 40+ leads a month. Thanks guys!”
– Xavier Sloan, Business Development Manager, The Successful Investor

‘We have used Out Of The Box Solutions since the start of 2012. The problem we had in the past with our business is we were caught up with the day to day operations of the business, our focus was really taken off our marketing. Thanks to the team at OOTBS we have remained focused and even though we are really busy at the moment, it is great knowing our marketing has been taken care of and we are not waiting for our next dip to rush through our marketing again. Their knowledge and straight to the point approach has been invaluable’
– Jamie Xuereb, Founder, Mediapoint

“Since we have had the new website and SEO up and running our site ranked number one for our main term in just over 3 months. We are getting thousands of visits per month and our requests for a free measure and quote has greatly increased. Our quietest season is winter, normally we have 3-4 site visits per week. Since the new website and SEO we are doing 10-11 site visits per week.

Thanks James and the team at Out Of The Box.”
– Bob O’Riley, Owner, Oz Party Hire

James Jackson, Director Of Out Of The Box Marketing

James Jackson, Managing Director Says:

‘Marketing your business should not be risky. Marketing techniques have evolved over decades and the technology is now in place to accurately track the success of every campaign to the cent. Also, with so many new marketing opportunities arising online there should be absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve amazing results for your business.’


Jeremy Baker, Head Of Strategy Says:

“Without a deep understanding your customer’s fears, pains and desires, the likelihood of creating a winning marketing campaign is similar to harpooning a tadpole… from a boat… blind folded!

The good news is, with the rise of marketing technology, you can now “get in bed” with your customer very quickly and very easily. If you know what you’re doing, there’s virtually zero guesswork”

Companies We’ve Worked With: